Lenabella "Lena" Esmée Boswell née Grimaldi Galois Lena is a member of the Boswell Family which are the sovergian ruler of the . He end the feuding wars between Boswell and Galois, Sebastian arranged the marriage between one of there own into his family (in other words to his younger brother Phillipe)

Lenabella is the great-granddaughter of the gypsy king Jardani Boswell, and the granddaughter of his sixth daughter Mabel-Rose Boswell. Threw Mabel-Rose's son Andrzej and his wife Mermeyí and there eleventh child, her older siblings are Menowin, Terrangi, Majaris, Tematae, Ujaranza, Tsura, Repentance, Luminitsa, Jaelle, and Ziroli.

Lenabella is married to Phillipe Galois and the adopted mother to his four children from his first marriage named Jonathon, Gabriel, Katherine, and Edward and the biological mother to sons Wyatt and Hayden and the one daughter named Mermeyí.

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