James Alexander Descoteaux Sr. James is the son of Buela and her husband Nathaniel Descoteaux, he is the older brother to Frances and Sarah. James married mundane-born witches Lilianne Guerrero more commonly called Lily and have four children together named James Jr., Nathaniel, and twins Ríoghnach and Morrigan.

James has five grandchildren from his daughter Río triplets Lux, Luca, and Luna, along with Charlie and Phoebe. Through his second daughter Mor has six children named Cleopatra, twins Castor and Pollux, Hermes, Maya and Athena. Throw his eldest son James have four grandchildren named James III, Arthur, and Lilianne. And throw his son Nathaniel he has four granddaughters named Juenesse, Roma, Solange, and Jolie and one son named Kaiser.

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